5 Reasons Why You Should Have Floor Plans on Your Property Listing

In a recent property survey, 80% of sellers reported that floor plans were essential or very useful when selling their home. What’s more, 88% of buyers agreed that floor plans were important when making a purchase decision. If you’re selling your home in Redhill and you’re still on the fence about professional floor plans, here are five important reasons why you should add them to your property listing.

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Help buyers visualise the property

It’s very difficult to picture what a house layout is like from pictures of rooms alone. Many buyers are looking for very specific layouts and professional floor plans can help them visualise the space.

From adequate storage space to window placement, floor plans give your property photos more context and help the buyer see what they’re getting.

Saves time on pointless viewings

Property photos can often be misleading. Wide-angle lenses make rooms look bigger than they are and buyers may feel like the house is larger or even smaller than it really is.

This can end up with wasted viewings where the buyer isn’t happy about the size of rooms.

A detailed floor plan shows buyers the size ratios of each room so they won’t be disappointed or shocked when they visit.

It also eliminates buyers coming to your property simply to check on room sizes, which can be stressful as a seller.

Help buyers mentally moving in

When you offer a floor plan to a buyer, they immediately start picturing how their furniture could fit in the space.

Once they’ve started thinking about sofa placement and where their bed could go, they’re well on their way to mentally moving in, and will fall in love with your property that much faster.

Once they’ve started mentally planning the move, an emotional attachment to the property and a decision to buy isn’t too far off.

Makes your property memorable

Buyers will often go and visit dozens of potential properties before making a final decision. During that process, houses begin to blend together and become harder and harder to remember.

Having a floor plan will help set your house apart as more memorable than others. They’ll remember yours as “the one with the large study” or “the one with tons of storage cupboards”.

This leaves a more positive impression and lets your property stick out in people’s minds.

Makes your estate agent look more professional

Estate agents who use floor plans immediately look more professional than those who don’t, and people trust professionals significantly more.

Having a professional floor plan that estate agents can walk through with potential buyers is a great way for your home to look well-managed and gives buyers that extra trust that it’s the right choice.

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