How to Improve Your EPC Rating

Whether you want to sell your home in Redhill or just want to reduce your energy bills, there are some easy ways to improve your energy performance rating. In this post, we’ll cover what an EPC rating is and the easy steps you can take to boost your home’s energy efficiency rating.

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EPC rating bands

EPC ratings have two main charts with the rating bands clearly displayed alongside your home’s rating.

The rating is given based on the government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) which gives a score out of 100 points. The score is then translated into an energy rating grade based on how many points you got:

  • EPC rating A = 92-100 SAP points
  • EPC rating B = 81-91 SAP points
  • EPC rating C = 69-80 SAP points
  • EPC rating D = 55-68 SAP points
  • EPC rating E = 39-54 SAP points
  • EPC rating F = 21-38 SAP points
  • EPC rating G = 1-20 SAP points

If your property currently has a low energy rating, here are the steps you can take to boost it up the rankings.

1. Upgrade your lighting to LED light bulbs

If you’re just a few points away from a higher grade, simply updating your lighting to LED is an easy step that could tip you over the edge.

LED light bulbs are much more eco-friendly and energy efficient, so this is a good swap to make in your property regardless.

2.  Insulate your walls and roof

New insulation is a more significant way to boost your energy efficiency and rating. If your loft insulation is less than 270mm in thickness, updating to a new, energy efficient insulation will help you save around 33% of your current heat loss and bump up your EPC score.

Wall insulation can be more tricky and expensive than loft insulation, but it’s another good way to update your score. Cavity wall is the easier and cheaper option, but is only available if there is cavity in your walls. Older properties will need solid wall insulation which is considerably more.

3.   Install double or triple glazed windows

Windows are one of the most significant changes you can make to improve your EPC score. If you currently have old, tired, or single-glazed windows, double or triple glazing will make a big difference.

Triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing, but it is becoming a more popular option that can save money on energy bills in the long run.

4. Install a high efficiency boiler

Heating systems are the cornerstone of EPC ratings. If you have an old, inefficient heating system, it will be dragging your score down significantly, not to mention costing you significantly more in heating bills.

High efficiency boilers are a large investment, but they are incredibly important to buyers and will boost your EPC score by the most points.

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